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    Buy Fenugreek Seed

    Fenugreek seeds are an excellent source of vitamins. They are usually used in cooking while providing a number of health benefits. Choose Vel Spices to buy a wide range of fenugreek seeds.

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    Why should you fenugreek seed online?

    Fenugreek seeds are used for a variety of culinary applications. From cooking to treating health conditions, you can use seeds for all such purposes. The fenugreek seeds usually have a nutty and bitter flavour. They are mostly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

    This multi-purpose herb is characterised by its yellow-brown colour and bitter taste. You can use this herb to prepare dishes such as curries and pulses. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, magnesium and iron, the fenugreek seeds can be consumed in different ways.

    All you need to do is dry and roast the seeds then grind them to make a fine powder or you can simply buy fenugreek powder.

    Get High-Quality Fenugreek Powder Online

    Do you need fenugreek seeds or powder? Vel Spices can help. We are a leading online grocery store, supplying a wide range of cooking essentials in the form of spices, flour, lentils, rice, pulses and so much more.

    Fenugreek seeds contain proteins and lecithin, a slippery substance that make them the perfect option for promoting hair growth. It also contains Diosgenin which has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    If you want to buy fenugreek seed, visit our website. Vel Spices is an online grocery store where you can purchase high-quality spices at low prices. We offer an extensive range of spices made from fresh ingredients. They enhance the taste of dishes and blend perfectly.