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    Puttu is a popular breakfast rice dish in Kerala served with grated coconut. If you are a fan of South Indian cuisine and want to experiment with different dishes, you can get a Puttu Maker online from Vel Spices.

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    The maker has a flat bottom that ensures uniform and even heat distribution. Made from premium stainless steel, the Puttu Vessel comes with a handle and cap for easy handling and cooking. It works with a gas stove as well as an induction cooktop.

    Vel Spices offers a one-stop solution for all your cooking needs. We carry an extensive range of Indian cookware sourced from leading brands. Whatever type of cookware appliance you are looking for, our experts will help you find a suitable solution for both domestic and commercial kitchens. Discuss your requirements with our team, and we will offer product suggestions along with an accurate price.

    We welcome you to browse our Puttu Maker range online.

    Do you need a Puttu Maker?

    For the ultimate cooking experience, you need to have high-quality cookware that can minimise the cooking time and make the process free of hassles for you. The cooking appliance works by steaming the rice, it is easy to operate and clean. Using the Puttu Vessel, you can cook hot and fresh Puttu anytime you want. Its unique interiors are heat and corrosion-resistant.

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    Vel Spices is a leading grocery online store in Australia. We carry an extensive range of products including Indian Spices, Pooja Items, Cookware, Utensils and so much more. We strive to deliver high-quality products at the best prices. Our prompt delivery services help us meet the customers’ expectations.

    If you need a stainless-steel Puttu Maker online, you can count on Vel Spices for a vast product selection.