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    Derana Red Raw Samba Rice 5Kg
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    Get the best Seeraga Samba Rice online only at Vel Spices. We are dedicated to providing the finest range of rice made with high-quality ingredients. Our Samba rice range is packed with fibres and essential nutrients. They are easy to cook and digest. The rice is known for having a distinctive tangy flavour.

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    The Samba rice online contains iron and zinc in high quantities. Adding Samba rice to your diet will help increase hemoglobin and will also enhance your energy levels. Our rice range is popular among our customers in Australia due to its rich flavours and aroma.

    Do you need a special type of rice to cook your favourite Biryani? We recommend choosing Seeraga samba rice online. Samba rice is highly versatile; it can be used to prepare a number of dishes. They provide many health benefits and contain a low glycemic index. So, if you are searching for rice that offers ease of digestion and supports your immunity, choose Samba rice online.

    Get jeera samba rice online

    At Vel Spices, you can get jeera samba rice online. Our samba rice is aromatic and can be used to cook Biriyani. The rice contains ß-Sitosterol that inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in your body and effectively flushes it out of your body. Our samba rice also contains selenium, fibre as well as antioxidants. They are good for your digestive system and help regulate your appetite.

    If you need Seeraga samba rice online, look no further than Vel Spices. We offer a wide range of Indian grocery items made from the finest ingredients. We carry a versatile range of Seeraga samba rice that is flavoursome and provides an array of health benefits.