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    Are you searching for a healthier alternative to rice loaded with carbohydrates? Vel Spices brings a range of Kerala Matta rice online. Our rice products are packed with rich nutrients and have a unique aroma.

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    The best thing about Matta rice is its earthy flavour; it can be paired with dishes like lamb and beef. If you are on a strict diet and want to include rice rich in vitamins and fibre in your meals, then you should switch to Matta rice.

    Planning to buy Matta rice online? Vel Spices carries a wide range of parboiled rice rich in nutrients and offer a distinctive nutty flavour.

    Buy Kerala Matta Rice Online

    Matta rice not only tastes good but is also a great source of carbohydrates, Vitamin B. They are easy to digest and less prone to spoilage. If you or someone in your family has high blood sugar levels, then adding Matta rice to your diet can help as the rice has a lower glycemic index.

    Purchase the gluten-free Kerala Matta rice online today only from Vel Spices.

    Searching for Nirapara Matta rice?

    We at Vel Spices offer healthy and tasty Nirapara Matta rice that’s packed hygienically and contains no added chemicals or preservatives. We also offer Double Horse Matta Rice. Our easy-to-cook rice range is made from natural ingredients and contains essential nutrients that promote a healthy gut. We ensure you our rice products are free of preservatives and taste great.

    We do not compromise on the quality of our grocery items and conduct quality checks at every stage, making sure our customers only get the best grocery items.

    Want to buy Matta rice online? Browse our rice range and place your order today.