What’s Spicy About This Spice (Cloves)? – Check Them Out!

Know The Benefits Of Cloves

When you stock your spice rack, have you ever noticed tiny flower-like dwarfs that smell pleasant? They are called Cloves! Cloves are a staple spice in Indian cuisine. Dates back centuries, they have been used in non-veg gravies, rice dishes, and other spicy dishes. Usually, people use cloves for seasoning soups, gravies, and even for rice dishes. So, while ordering groceries online ensure to get whole cloves and you can get them powdered whenever needed. Among the other spices, cloves have a hint of mint, sweet when tasted, and are one of the major ingredients in the five-powder masala.  Clove powder is used in canning meat products, marinades, and even used to treat bad breath. If you’re living abroad, make use of Indian, Sri Lankan groceries online, and get whole spice delivered to your home.

As a notable Indian spices, you can make flavorful recipes with cloves. From flavored buns to soups and gravies, it infuses its flavour and adds taste and aroma. It has multiple benefits, and we have shared some interesting facts about cloves.

They Regulate Your Hunger Pangs

Do you feel hungry often? Include some clove tea in your diet. Cloves calm your stomach from growling between meals. They contain a good amount of fiber nutrients that can help regulate your hunger levels.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels

By drinking clove tea regularly, you can control your blood sugar levels. Cloves contain a mineral called manganese, which regulates your blood sugar and aids in digestion.

Used As Mouth Freshener

Mouth fresheners are great to keep your oral hygiene. However, if you notice the toothpaste brands or mouth fresheners, they contain oils like clove oil, mint, basil, and tea tree oil that help keep your mouth fresh and smell good.

Eases Tooth Pain

One of the best benefits of cloves is they can help with toothaches. The eugenol in cloves acts as a natural antiseptic and eliminates plaques and germs. They help relieve pain, and inflammation caused by cavities. You can chew them after your brush and floss your mouth to chase any odor-causing bacteria.

Bottom Line

If these many benefits you can get through spices, why not stock them for daily use? Order Indian groceries online, and stock your spice cabinet for cooking needs. If you’re living abroad and want to shop groceries online, order from Vel Spices. For delivery, call 0397 828 611 today.