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7 Secrets For a Mouth-Watering & Delicious Biryani Revealed - Check Out!

7 Secrets For a Mouth-Watering & Delicious Biryani Revealed - Check Out!

Biryani is a world-favourite Indian delicacy widely loved & relished by all.Be it South Indian or North Indian, a deliciously made biryani is not just food but an emotion. This high-carb meal is delicious in every way and a feast for eyes & taste buds. Making a perfect & sumptuous biryani is all about practice. If you've moved to Australia and missing a delicious & authentic biryani, it's time to prepare & enjoy them as the weather is warm & cosy. Here in this blog, we reveal the top secrets for making a delicious biryani. However, the taste and aroma lie in the spices you put in, so be sure to get authentic biryani spices, basmati rice, oil and other essentials from the Indian Grocery Store in Melbourne.


  • When preparing biryani, long grain rice adds texture and taste to the biryani. So, buy long-grain basmati rice and soak it for 10 minutes before cooking. The rice should be half boiled before adding to the biryani masala.

  • Ghee & oil, spices have to be fresh and sweet-smelling, and the balanced portion of all these will amp the taste of the biryani. To pick up the best quality biryani, you must pick authentic Indian groceries from the grocery store in Melbourne.

  • Have an equal ratio of meat & rice (If you're using veggies or fish or mutton, follow the same & your biryani will taste delicious and meaty on every serve)

  • If you want your biryani to taste out of the world, adding some roasted cashew nuts and fried onions before turning off the stove will be a great seasoning. it will increase the aroma and taste of the biryani.

  • Good-quality basmati rice is essential for biryani to taste delicious.

  • Always use a thick bottomed tawa or vessel to avoid rice from burning at the bottom.

  • Also, to enjoy a perfect biryani, every grain of the rice should be separate. To achieve this texture, get the rice semi-cooked (i.e. 70% cooked) before adding it to the masala.

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