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Tasty Indian Beverage Brewed To Perfection! - Masala Chai AKA Spiced Tea

Tasty Indian Beverage Brewed To Perfection! - Masala Chai AKA Spiced Tea

Whatever you're feeling, a tea can fix it! That's what Indians believe in & look forward to every morning & evening. Moreover, trust me; mornings in Indian households are incomplete without chai. It’s more like a morning ritual to us. No matter where we live, chai is that one beverage that makes us feel alive in the morning. And that too, some people prefer hot piping Masala chai to gear up their body in the morning. It’s not rocket science to prepare one, all you need is the right spices and your masala chai will taste better with practice. You can create a balanced, heartwarming & perfectly spiced Masala Chai - Indian spiced milk is made with milk, spices, and sugar. For authentic & delicious Indian Masala Chai, the spices have to be fresh and sweet-smelling. You can purchase Indian spices from the Indian Grocery Store in Melbourne.

 Indians add a variety of herbs and spices to make their Masala Chai and the spices may vary on one’s taste preferences. In today’s blog let’s unveil the secret sauce of an authentic Masala Chai that everyone craves for. This recipe uses whole spices that are commonly used to make Masala Chai:


  • Milk

  • Water

  • Tea powder

  • Cinnamon sticks or rolls

  • Cloves

  • Green cardamom pods

  • Black peppercorns


Let’s get down to how we make masala chai more vibrant. Some restaurants also use mint leaves, which give a similar, fresh flavor. 

Masala Chai Recipe

Add ¼ cup of water to a saucepan and bring it to a boil and add the freshly crushed whole spices and ginger when the water has come to a boil. Simmer the boil to extract the flavour of the spices. It lends a richer, creamier, and more complex taste. You can then add the milk, tea powder, and sugar and simmer it for 5 minutes and you will get a soul-soothing cup of masala chai.  Pour it hot and serve it along with a plate of baked goodies and biscuits to enjoy. 

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