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5 Must-Have Spices In Your Kitchen

5 Must-Have Spices In Your Kitchen

From the old times to the modern generation, spices have become the key to preparing healthy and delicious foods. When you think of Indian food, the signature spices & their flavors are the ones that come to your mind. Spices are the heart of Indian cuisine. Right from adding flavors and enhancing the taste of the food, they even have medicinal benefits when consumed in the right proportions. And, you can’t find a single Indian kitchen without these essential spices. These spices are not just for adding flavor and taste; it will provide a whole new experience to your cooking. If you’re buying Indian groceries online, make sure to add these spices to your spice cabinet.

Black Pepper

Fondly known as the king of spices, these tiny little seeds are just enough to add fire and taste to your food. It has multiple health benefits like improving digestion, increasing metabolism, and treating skin problems as well. Most Indian dishes will lack in aroma and taste if it doesn’t have these tiny seeds. Even before chillies came into the kitchen, black peppers were used as the main ingredient to increase the spiciness. They were used as a whole ingredient, seasoning for dishes, and even powdered and consumed with milk for health benefits. So, while ordering groceries online, make sure to get whole pepper and use them.

Cumin Seeds                        

These are small, crescent-shaped seeds rich in antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties. These seeds have a subtle aroma and lend a great taste to the dish. These seeds provide an earthy flavor and are widely used for sauteing vegetables or meat-based gravies.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds play a huge role in Indian cooking. These can be used as a whole or crushed, where it adds great taste and richness to the dishes. It has a strong aroma and regulates blood circulation and has cooling properties as well. If you have stomach aches or feeling acidic, crush them and boil them with water, and when you drink the coriander water, you’ll get fast relief.


Turmeric is the most popular yellow spice, which has immense health benefits, and it belongs to the ginger family. Aside from its extensive benefits; it has antiseptic properties and is used as a cleaning agent to wash away meat and fish. People use it for cooking, consume it with milk, marination, and even apply it externally as medicine for cuts and bruises.


Cloves are the most loved spice in the kitchen. Not only does it deliver flavor and taste, but it also has several benefits. It is not only used as a spice; it is used for ailments like tooth decay, digestive issues, bad breath, and helps increase bone density.

Over To You

With the right blend of spices in dishes, you’ll be able to elevate your senses and have a happy tasting experience. So, why wait? Order Indian groceries online from Vel Spices and get cooking. For orders, call 0397 828 611 today.