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What Makes Indian Desserts So Special? – Find Out!

What Makes Indian Desserts So Special? – Find Out!

A truly memorable South Indian meal is incomplete without desserts. The spices, flavours, and the array of exotic dishes are what make the feast a memorable one. If you think that spices are only for preparing biryanis & gourmet delights, there’s more they can do. Good quality Indian spices add equal magic to the desserts. Not only do they make them taste delicious, they bring nutritional value to your beloved desserts. Though the magic is in the making, the rest is in the hands of spices & their flavours. If you’re abroad and want to prepare delightful & delicious Indian desserts, buy from a reliable Indian grocery store. In today’s blog, let's get to know the Indian spices that bring magic to your desserts.

Green Cardamom

Green cardamom is the queen of Indian spices used in a lot of special regional delicacies starting from our very own authentic Masala chai to Payasam, Rasmalai, Badam Kheer, milk sweets, Kerala special puttu, and more. This spice has a sweet taste with smoky flavours and can bring your sugar levels down with its rich antioxidant properties. It has been the flavouring agent in most gourmet dishes and our favourite dishes. 


Cinnamon is yet another popular Indian spice that offers hot & spicy flavours with a sweet taste. From biryanis to spices teas, cakes, and puddings, their usage is endless. Cinnamon has a high level of antioxidants which helps reduce aging and prevents bloating and queasy stomachs.


Nutmeg is a spice that has been used for decades as medicine, skin lightening therapies and as an ingredient in burfi, milk sweets, kalakand, pudding and cakes.

Fennel Seeds

Fondly known as Saunf, fennel seeds are a star in most types of dishes and the sweet Saunf is a must-have after a delicious lunch. They are available in bright green, pale green, and tan and bring sweet & exotic flavours to any dish. Fennel seeds can calm down the acidic stomach and relieve gastric issues.


Saffron is the most expensive spice & king of spices used in all milk sweets. They are widely used in skin lightening creams due to their rich antioxidant properties. From kesar padam to milk puddings, halwa, and Tea, Payasam, they add flavours to every dessert. It aids in weight loss, improves complexion, and has cancer-fighting properties.

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