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Top Indian Spices That Trigger Weight Loss!

Top Indian Spices That Trigger Weight Loss!

Indians and their love for spices is something inseparable and immortal. The aromatic Indian spices not only add flavours to the stews, gravies, curries, and fried items. They help you shed some pounds too. There are many varieties of spices that are not only useful to make your meal tastier but also healthier by cutting down the bad fat. However, one must know how to use it to achieve its full potential. Take for instance; pepper is used in many dishes to induce spiciness, flavour & aroma to the dish, cure cold & sore throat, and aids in digestion. Spices can boost your metabolism and help in weight loss too. So when ordering Indian Spices online or Srilankan groceries, make sure to bag an extra for your diet plan. In today’s blog, let’s get to know the different spices that help you lose weight when consumed regularly.


Cardamom is an Indian spice known for its intense flavour that makes any dish delightful, supports digestion, and relieves stomach pain. When consumed as a morning tea, it helps to reduce weight and keeps you in shape.


If you have an over-eating issue, consuming fenugreek water or tea can keep you full with its natural fibre content.  Fenugreek tea can soothe your digestive tract from radical damage. It can also boost your metabolism and prevents bloating.

Black Pepper

This fiery hot spice not only soothes your sore throat and adding it to your diet enhances your metabolism. You can a pinch of powdered black pepper to the turmeric milk to ease the sore throat, improve digestion and help in weight loss, and improve your skin complexion as well.


Cumin is a saviour for people who diet. Just boil a tablespoon of cumin and drink it every morning for quick weight loss. This remedy is highly effective in weight loss and fastens your metabolism.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds aka Saunf is a natural detoxifier that helps get rid of the toxins from the body. You can consume boiled fennel water or tea regularly to regulate the body temperature, cut down the body fat, and improve digestion.

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