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Top 5 Desi-Curries To Eat When You’re Hungry

Top 5 Desi-Curries To Eat When You’re Hungry

After all, who doesn't love Indian spicy gravies? Even people in the west love Indian Cuisine. In an interview with the most-loved pop singer Justin Bieber, when asked what ‘was his favourite foreign foods to eat? He said, "he liked Indian recipes" and joyfully answered with a fist bump - Chicken Tikki Masala. No matter where you’re on the planet and deep down, Desi-curries are a delight to eat! From the richness to the texture, spicy flavours, and aroma, everything will pull you towards Indian cuisine. If you would love to try making delicious, fragrance-filled, and flavour-filled spicy gravy, be sure to pick good-quality & authentic Indian groceries & Srilankan spices. In today’s blog, we have compiled soul-satiating spicy Indian gravies you can enjoy.

Dal Makhani

It’s a popular Punjabi dish. For people who love spice & smoky flavour, Dal Makhani is one such gravy that is buttery, creamy, and all the tastier when paired with plain rotis. This dish is made with lentils known as urad dhal, which makes it more delicious, and a must-try for spice lovers.

Paneer Tikki Butter Masala

This gravy hardly needs any introduction. It’s lip-smacking gravy that can compete with non-vegetarians. Even chicken lovers find them irresistible. The texture, bite-size fried Paneer cubes, topped with fresh cream can be soul-satisfying.  Each bite will give you a spicy experience.

Matar Mushroom

Any mushroom lovers out there? This gravy is considered the queen of gravies for a long time yet continues to rule the vegetarian hearts with its taste. Bulb-shaped mushrooms, green peas, and a mix of spices can make this dish top at the taste. If paired with butter Naan, paratha, or roti, it becomes the best mealtime you have ever had.

Chicken Tikki Masala

Of course, this is Justin Bieber’s favourite Indian gravy recipe and every chicken lover out there. It’s quite similar to paneer tikka masala. Made with the same preparation, this heavenly gravy can make you lick your fingers at the end of your dining.

Rara Chicken

This thick spicy chili chicken curry is a famous Punjabi dish made with spices like cardamom, yogurt, and chillies and can be the most filling gravy for your hungry tummy.  You can pair it with rice, paratha even idli to make your mealtime more flavourful.

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